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Weblog Awards Winner – Walking Through – By Nadia

Walking Through

Walking Through – By Nadia

is the winner of this Edition of the WordPress.com weblog award.

This Blog is a place to document the chronicles of life as she experiences them first hand: Islam, marriage, family, conception, travels, fashion disasters, food, friends, frustrations and blessings.

Here is part of an sample post:

My Neighbor And I

October 12, 2008 <!–nadia–>

We don’t know our neighbors very well.  In fact, we hardly know them at all.  Most of the families living on our floor are locals, some of them are Lebanese, and I noticed a few Sudanese-looking kids.  Needless to say, we were surrounded by Arabic-speaking families.  That was until a year ago.

A few days before Eid last year, an Indian family moved into the apartment next door.  I don’t go out much, so I never knew when the Emirati family, who used to stay there, moved out.  One night, while I was home with my mother-in-law, the door bell rang.  It was an Indian woman, who greeted me by saying, “Hi, can I borrow your wiper?”

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